Willem van Hooff

A Little Triumph

The 'A Little Triumph' series started with Willem van Hooff’s fascination for the arch construction. Through humanity the arch has been used for its strong connection, but mostly for its impressive yet elegant appearance. These small ‘symbols of success’  are here to honor the little victories we achieve in our everyday lives. 

Willem van Hooff gets his inspiration from humanity and its rich history; the different cultures, styles of architecture, art, and the stories that goes with them.

“I’m always searching for the romance in things. Though, nowadays mainly functional or cheap products are produced. To my opinion, we are losing a romantic touch in our surroundings and objects, and as a contemporary designer I would like to bring that back.”

  • Casted concrete, colored stones, G27 resin
  • 10 × 5 × 15 cm
  • Incl. signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • Edition: 100 (each one is unique)

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