Jan Theun van Rees

camera lucida | small hallway

Jan Theun van Rees:

"Space is defined by its borders. The walls define the room we are in. These same walls also define the space on the other side, that is not part of our perception. In my work I try to visualize how these seemingly separate spaces are actually interconnected.

At some point I started to focus on the interaction between the outside world and the interior spaces we live in. This started when I saw a curtain waving gently from a draft through an opened window. The drapes covered the window, but their billowing motion made me aware that “outside” was within reach. I had the same sensation in relation to the incident of light. If you look very closely, you can always recognize shades and hues that are related to what is present outside.

Camera Lucida is a collection of attempts to create a relation between the outside world and the interior by means of light. It may be incidental light from the sun, or streetlights at night, but it could also be the lights from inside out. The curtain may become a membrane, making the world on the other side almost tangible.

Small Hallway

lead time: 6-8 weeks

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artist: Jan Theun van Rees
year: 2018
edition: 3

240 x 240cm (wxh)

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