Willem van Hooff

Core vessel | 2

Willem van Hoof is a Dutch designer that focuses on the ability of forgotten techniques, products and materials. He likes to visualize these forgotten 'stories' and give them a new future.

CORE is a serie of vessels, inspired by prehistoric African building techniques.
Willem van Hooff has been fascinated by vessels since they have such a clear and easy function. Their main function is to hold and transport water but besides that, it has been a canvas for humanity to express themselves with.

When he started to express himself through these objects, a new form of language came out. He wants to challenge the contour of vessels by bringing them out of balance. Each vessel contains a hidden chamber that brings the vessels back into balance by the weight of the water they cary.

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designer: Willem van Hooff
year: 2021

Glazed ceramic

40.5 x 6.5 x 22cm (wxdxh)


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