dome china

Bone china is often associated with classic English crockery, but was used for this project to create a light object with monumental dimensions and appearance. It is made up of a large number of parts. The cast elements have hand-sculpted models as a base. Together they form a slightly arched dome, whose parts differ greatly in light color and intensity by variables such as wall thickness and size.

The Dome China can consist of one, two or three rings. The measurements are:

1 ring | 7 elements | diameter approx 90-95cm
2 rings 22 elements | diameter approx 170cm
3 rings | 45 elements | diameter approx 250cm

The price mentioned is for the 1 ring version.

lead time: on request

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€ 4.876 for customers outside the EU

designer: Bergontwerp 
finish: bone china
light source: LED lightning 

bone china porcelain | steel | electrical components 

1 ring | 7 elements | ø approx 90-95cm
2 rings 22 elements | ø approx 170cm
3 rings | 45 elements | ø approx  250cm


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