Kit Miles

emperor damask

This wallcovering’s appeal is timeless: a series of cleverly placed twisted stripes subvert the tradition of a damask motif, but this time, if you look a little closer, an inner stripe pattern is discovered within the forms. The overall effect is of a bold, sophisticated elegance using rare colours designed to evoke the feeling of an iconic and perhaps even anthropomorphic form.

Repeat: W 70 cm / H 83 cm | Block (27.5 x 32.6 inches)
Weight: 167 gsm
Sold by 10m roll (10.9 yards)

lead time: approx. 3 weeks

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€ 345 for customers outside the EU

designer: Kit Miles

Mica smooth coated non-woven titan

W 70 cm / H 83 cm | Block

Sold by 10m roll 

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