Wendy Andreu

LN stool

Wendy Andreu is a Paris based designer who specializes in object, furniture and fashion with a strong focus on material research and techniques.

These stools are especially made for the renewed photography agency Roger-Viollet located in Paris. They have been commissioned by architect David Apheceix and their shape is matching the architectural volumes of the space and the peculiar history of the place.

The watery aspect of the stools reminds the photography revealing baths and the pattern of the historical boxes containing the pictures. The graphical stools create a contrast with the grey monochromatic environment.
Every piece is unique in finish so the pattern will vary in each stool.

lead time: approx. 2 weeks, we have 4 pieces in stock.

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€ 244 for customers outside the EU

designer: Wendy Andreu
year: 2020

pine plywood, paint, India ink

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