Rene Knip

67 cm classic battery clock

Rene Knip studied at the Academy of Visual Arts St.Joost, Breda. He graduated with distinction in 1990. After an intensive training of three years as the assistant designer to Anthon Beeke, he started his own atelier in 1992. Atelier Rene Knip focuses on graphic design at the dividing line between flat and three-dimensional works. Other typical ARK interests are the autonomic possibilities of the applied graphic art; the independency of material and colour; and type design and calligraphy as visual tools.

The 67 cm classic battery clock is inspired by the everlasting and durable nature of train station clocks – taking the poetry of these old-fashioned clocks, Atelier René Knip has created modern, functional and long-lasting versions of their own. The simplicity and variety of sizes allow for versatile use in and around ones, living and working environment.

The classic clock is available in a electric version or various sizes as well.  

lead time: approx. 2 weeks 

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€ 682 for customers outside the EU

designer: René Knip




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