Floris Wubben

Pressed stool | resin

This collection consists of stools finished in a coloured layer of epoxy. First presented at Milan Design Week 2016. Hand-made using a self-developed extrusion process. Available in various colours.

The results of try-outs are deployed by fashion label Isabel Marant to present haute couture shoes and design bags. But the ceramic Stools by Studio Floris Wubben were never designed that way. And presentation pedestals are normally quite inconspicuous. Now the ceramic objects attract the attention of customers in dozens of boutiques around the world on account of their distinctive form and striking colour. That adds to the value of the items on display. At the same time the Stool functions perfectly, simply to sit on or to place something on.

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designer: Floris Wubben 
year : 2016
finish: expoy in various colours

pressed clay

vary in format
approx. 38 x Ø 36 cm

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