Daniela Schwabe

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Dutch artist Daniela Schwabe shows a number of unusual paintings that were created through a collaboration with artificial intelligence in her latest series DEEP KIN.

Memories, (family) history and time periods are generally an important part of Daniela Schwabe's work. By collaborating with artificial intelligence, in DEEP KIN she is able to transform a large amount of personal information into concrete images that reflect the research into memories. Personal childhood memories and family photos are linked to our collective memory. It is no longer clear to whom these memories belong and to whom they belong. What makes a family a family and what happens to our personal memories when they are distorted by an outsider? And what about friendship?

Together with designer Casper Schipper, Daniela trained a neural network with thousands of photos of friends from her own archive, taken over the past 25 years. The neural network sees patterns we do not recognise ourselves and is able to compile new images from all that information that take surprising forms. Daniela takes these generated portraits as a starting point and then turns them into paintings, one of the oldest mediums for portraying people.

The painted series DEEP KIN depicts the passage of time; just as memories grow, distort and develop over a long period of time, Daniela's painted portraits are afflicted with the question of how recreating personal history simultaneously reflects the idea of an alternative reality, past and future.

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artist: Daniela Schwabe
year: 2022

oil paint on canvas

45 x 60 cm (wxh)

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