Olga Flór

Rainy sundays

The 'Oasis' series reveals the singularity of daily life settings. Each sculpture is an abstracted fragment of this reality. The interaction of objects in a space, the way they stand on their own, the lighting, the shapes... every scene inspires new sensations or tells different stories.

These situations suggest an escape, an atmosphere, an intrigue or a dialogue. Taken away from their context, they become small islands embodying moments of rest and contemplation.

Olga Flór, artist-designer, established her studio in Eindhoven. 

Her perspective on art grew through a close relationship with her grand- father, Eduard Flór - artist of the late 20th century. Olga’s practice emerged from drawings, wax and metal wire sculptures. After getting a bachelor in art history in Grenoble, she went to the Design Academy Eindhoven, to learn technical skills to broaden her expression. 

Fascinated by her daily surroundings, Olga Flór tries to understand existing phenomena by abstracting their essence. Her drive to design lies in the potential of suggesting ways to experience and perceive our surroundings in different ways - enhancing the relationship we have with objects and things. She composes and builds with colour, light and sound and any material, to express her singular perception at different scales. Her work currently revolves around textile, metal and mechanical and scientific systems to create atmospheres, twisted perceptions and intrigue.

  • Unique, hand made, signed sculpture from the 'Oasis' series (2022)
  • Aluminium (813g)
  • 12,5 × 10 × 17,5 cm
  • Incl. signed Certificate of Authenticity

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