Ruben Hoogvliet

medium Gravity candle holder | rust

Ruben Hoogvliet is a Dutch designer who is fascinated by the behavior of liquid clay. These candle holders are part of his Gravity Collection.

Driven by experiment the Project started with rethinking ceramic crafts.
Ruben discovered techniques that would allow him to work more spontaneously and sculptural without the interference of plaster moulds. During this process he developed an alternative method into an innovative craft. Where he dips light moist absorbing structures into liquid clay whereafter they are hang-dried. These structures then completely deform under the weight of the added clay. In this process, gravity always has the final say. This makes the process a continuous back and forth between the natural force and his creative interventions, a fusion of the unexpected and the controllable.

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designer: Ruben Hoogvliet

porcelain engobe

20 x 45cm

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