Jan Theun van Rees

dismanteld spaces | blacklight

Jan Theun van Rees:

The spaces you see in this collection have existed until the photo was taken. Then they were demolished, or converted into a completely different space. The space in the photo therefore only exists as a photo. The 'building process' of these spaces is completely intuitive, insofar as there is already a plan at the outset, it dissolves completely in view of the actual space slowly taking shape. The photo is created the moment I look through the camera and get the feeling of being somewhere I've never been before.

Afterwards there are always visible references in parts of the image to locations that I have visited before and may have also photographed. The photographed space is thus a layered recreation of memories.

For the past two years I've been following these possibilities of building in many different directions, curious where it would take me. The presence of, or reference to, water appears to be a recurring theme in many images.

blacklight (2019)

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artist: Jan Theun van Rees
year: 2019
edition: 6

pigment ink on paper (Canson Baryta Prestige)
mounted on di-bond framed with taupe veneer

80 x 80cm (wxh)

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