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The Sunflower lamp lends playful structure to the Fresnel family. Positioned atop asymmetrical steel stems, combined fresnel blooms exhale a warm, dramatic light.

Paying homage to Augustin-Jean Fresnel’s eponymous lens, Dirk Vander Kooij's original fresnel light is built upon light refraction as a condition of low-resolution printing. Molten synthetic coils comprise the light’s outer casing, fostering unlikely and delighting light distortion.

Housed within each fresnel unit are hundreds of small LEDs. Their luminosity is exaggerated by the printed structure--emanating a diffuse yet sprawling spread of light. The synthetic sources which comprise each shell (such as rooftop windows, chocolate moulds, and CDs) appear to crystallize in glasslike new consequence. The combined system exercises singularity of function and texture.

Individual fresnel units revolve around a central, movable steel ball, making each sunflower composition easy to arrange. The sunflower lamp is available in five differing configurations.

lead time: approx 10-12 weeks.

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€ 5.990 for customers outside the EU

designer: Dirk Vander Kooij
year: 2016
​​​​​​​finish: steel frame in black or white 

reclaimed synthetics housing
steel frame

178,5 x 54cm

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