Kim Zoutewelle

underwater illusions | 2

Amazed by the vibrant colors and patterns of the ocean, Kim Zoutewelle created refined multilayered textures on glass. Patterns starts flowing when you walk by, ink turns into coral, glass becomes the ocean.

These magnifying and distorting glass panels create the optical illusion of an underwater world. To achieve this effect, she silkscreened multilayered patterns on both sides of the glass panels. The glass rods, which are melted onto the surface, act like ripples on water: they add motion, create depth and play with perception.

For the design of Kim’s glass panels every part of the process is made by hand with great precision; mixing the colors of the paste, silk-screening the print on glass and at last sawing and positioning the glass rods on the panel. At last, they are placed in the oven in order to have the silkscreened layers and the glass rods fused to the panel. 

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designer: Kim Zoutewelle
year: 2021

handmade glass in a brass base

29 x 36cm (wxh)

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