Family house  |  Amsterdam, centre

Family house | Amsterdam, centre

In the center of Amsterdam lies the Jordaan neighborhood, well known for its lively ambiance, small streets, and charming houses.


After we designed our client’s office in 2020, she entrusted us to transform her family home. Built in the 17th century, the residence has a split-level floor plan and open layout. The original wooden beam ceilings and windows are still existing.


We created an interior that not only met the practical needs of a young family but also reflected the creativity of its owners.

Warm white tones on the floors and ceilings in combination with the soft green and blue tones on the walls are the foundation. Together with the simple natural curtains and blinds a warm and calm atmosphere arises.


For the interior pieces, we played around with bold colors, patterns, and graphic designs. The mix of materials and textures catches the light, giving an additional sense of depth.

Some items pop out and give the space a fresh and vibrant feeling. The client’s affinity for Dutch design is highlighted, evident in the carefully curated furniture, lighting, and accessories.


A standout feature in the children's workspace is the wall with printed graphic glazed ceramic tiles, adding a playful and funky touch to the room.

The use of soft fabrics, carpets, and woven wall tapestry makes the result of a cozy interior complete.