Our basic DNA was formed on 18 September 1992: the date on which The Frozen Fountain set up a platform for designers. We couldn’t have chosen a better moment, as this coincided with the emergence of a truly exceptional generation of huge talents in the design field. Designers such as Piet Hein Eek, Hella Jongerius and Richard Hutten, etc. who with a huge amount of talent and great zest breathed new life into the Dutch tradition of design and self- production.

dutch design

Most of these designers graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven, which was originally founded to provide Eindhoven-based company Philips with well-trained designers for its consumer products. However, the talent and vision of this generation of designers reached much further, giving a new impulse to the whole concept of ‘design’. Dutch Design quickly became an internationally recognised term. It helped that the Museum of Modern Art in New York was quick to snap up a number of these designs, as well as commissioning Piet Hein Eek (among others) to re-design its restaurant.

This new generation of designers were true innovators. They were also aware, even then, of the necessity for sustainable design – something that many years later would become mainstream. We at The Frozen Fountain recognised the talent and dynamism of these young new designers. And as we provided them with a platform and collaborated with them from the very start, the Dutch Designers helped generate huge international name-recognition for us.

the now

And it didn’t stop at this one generation. They were followed by designers such as Wieki Somers, Marcel Wanders, Joris Laarman, Dirk van der Kooij, Sabina Marcelis and many others who have kept the creativity, inventiveness and dynamism of Dutch Design going at the highest level.

The Frozen Fountain is an institute for design. Established designers feel closely affiliated to us and we  exert a magnetic attraction to new designers. The choices we make and the advice we give them builds a challenging dynamic. This is reflected in our collection: The Frozen Fountain now offers an eclectic mix of designs by renowned names, up-and-coming talent and exciting newcomers. 

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