Swimming pool  |  Berlin

Swimming pool | Berlin

For one of our beloved clients, we provided a mural for his indoor swimming pool. The residence is located on the outskirts of Berlin, hidden in the beautiful Grunewald forest.

In collaboration with Freeling Waters, one of our duo artists, we designed a bespoke mural inspired by the green forest. Bringing the outside in with tree, leaf and floral patterns. But also by the presence of the animal world, such as the tawny owls and carps. By dividing the mural into two parts, the underwater world and the forest, a beautiful transition seen from inside the water arise.

The mural is composed of several layers of paint and pure pigments. The use of warm, deep earth tones such as ochre yellow, English red and burnt umbra creates a warm atmosphere. All this gives more intimacy and you get lost in a surrealistic world.  

Pictures copyright Peter Rabitz #yourberlinagent