Golran is a company specialising in the sale of antique carpets. The family business was founded in Mashad, a Persian city on the border between Iran and Russia. It was here that Hajizadeh Golran started his business in high-quality, antique and modern, oriental carpets in 1989. The areas from which Golran has always sourced its carpets are north-western Iran, Anatolia and the Caucasus.

Based on this antique collection, Golran has now started on a new collection: the Carpet Reloaded Collection. This is a brilliant idea for translating these ‘classics’ for the present. For this Carpet Reloaded collection, Golran is treating antique items with modern bleaching and dying techniques, under the motto ‘Past meets Present’. Golran has a huge stock of antique carpets to use for this. These supple, antique weaves with surprising patterns are particularly interesting now thanks to their unexpected colours and exceptional designs.



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