Ruben Hoogvliet

Ruben Hoogvliet is a Dutch Designer driven by an experimental and curios nature. Working in a diverse range of disciplines, 'the realm of design-art'. His work shows an enthusiasm for experimentation in material processing.  How a lump of clay becomes a roof tile and a pile of sand becomes a drinking glass. Within these processes he always wants to find the border of what is possible.  His work uncovers new ideas about contemporary crafts and production methods. With a playful attitude Ruben wants to tell us where things are made of. He refers to the objects he makes as `long events`. Fascinated by the way an event transforms into an object.  The act of making, is one that must be done with care, attention and consensus towards its context. a process in which he shows that we should certainly not forget to pay attention to the beauty of the way things come about.

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