73 series | semi-rigid

The 73 lamps are part of the collection of Bocci. The semi-rigid is a flexible suspension system enables pendants to be nestled in close-knit groups or loosely composed in a wider field, allowing each piece to be perceived individually.

The design of the lamp results from blowing liquid glass into a folded and highly heat-resistant ceramic fabric vessel. The resulting shape has a textural expression that can be associated with fabric, which becomes permanent and rigid as it cools. A LED is positioned to fills the resulting volume with beautiful diffuse light, accentuating the volumetric perception of the piece. By virtue of the loosely controlled manufacturing process, each 73 is completely unique in proportion, size, colour depth and shape.

Each pendant comes with a 1.5-watt ring LED lamp and a transformer.

The mentioned price is for a 7 clear glass pendant feature but the 73 semi-rigid series is also available in several other colors and options. Please enquire directly for more information.

lead time: upon request

Please enquire directly for more information.

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€ 5.845 for customers outside the EU

designer: Bocci
finish: glass colours in clear, grey 1, grey 2 or Grey 3
12 V light source - LED 1.5 W 
surface mounted ceiling cap with driver

blown glass | braided metal coaxial cable | electrical components | brushed nickel canopy

glass element ⌀ 280 - 330mm

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