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aurum | colored

Aurum shows how Alex is able to convey movement within a frozen form. As glass is liquid and filled with air while producing, he has captured different shapes in the production process by withdrawing air when solidifying the glass. An extremely difficult process. These very moments of defying craftsmanship result in the elegant shapes of Aurum. Every piece is unique and is available in three different sizes: small, medium and large. Dimensions: 20-30 cm, 25-35 cm and 30-40 cm. You can choose between transparant or reflection glass. Aurum colored comes in different tones of blue en green. Aurum is defined as wall lamp, as ceiling lamp as well as pendant.

The price mentioned is for the size S in reflection glass.

lead time: upon request

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€ 1.480 for customers outside the EU

designer: Alex de Witte 
year: 2018
finish: transparant or reflection colored glass 
light source: dimmable LED light E27 

colored glass | electrical components

S: 20-30 cm high
M: 25-35 cm high
L: 30-40 cm high

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