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The beam boxes were initially conceived from the idea of using the cross beams that hold the panels together as axis pivot points. When developing that concept, a much more important principle emerged; The size of the beams determines all sizes, in other words the height, width and depth of the cabinet are determined by the width and thickness of the beams. The size and ratio of the cabinet can be influenced by changing the number of bars. It is not necessary for any part to cut the beam lengthways, how to be shortened only. This is the name of interest because there are often nails in the old wood. The cabinets are made individually by the different beam sizes and equipped with hinges and closing system. The intention is to produce a series of cabinets, none of which are the same due to the variation in beams, the dimensions and the choice of color.

lead time: when not in stock approx. 14 weeks

Please enquire directly for more information about the different colors and materials available.

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designer: Piet Hein Eek


176 x 70 x 120cm

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