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A picture diary presenting a close look at the work, the products and the projects of Piet Hein Eek the designer. Sixteen years of designs, sketches, thinking, polishing, searching, welding, painting, talking, writing, sanding, stamping, upholstering, veneering, milling, gluing, chopping, folding, pouring, baking, building, renovating, calling, discussing, dictating, waiting, sawing, buying, selling, negotiating, teaching and hammering.

It’s all in there. How Piet Hein Eek began together with Nob Ruygrok in an old factory in Geldrop. Back in the time during their study they already worked together on painting houses and fixing them up to earn their money. They still work together: Nob as the silent force in the background and Piet as the inveterate designer. The book is overwhelming when you see the endless stream of all these unique products, literally and figuratively coming out of the factory, and it is touching to see how each detail and moment has been photographed by Nob in loving detail.

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