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bolder seat

Destroyers/Builders, founded by Linde Freya Tangelder, is an Antwerp & Brussels based design studio. Their works have a sculptural and architectural character, but are always on the edge of contemporary material use and traditional crafts.

Inspired by architectural shapes, the furniture pieces highlight the field between industry and human, through diverse materials. The interventions and finish by hand, give these objects a tactile aspect. 

Architectural columns are the inspiration in the shapes of Bolder Seat. The soft stool is a continuation of the column based shapes. As a soft sculptural piece, this bouclé upholstered stool, is a furniture piece that can be seen as the key stone in the collection.

The Bolder seat is available in wool (white, light grey, dark grey, brown grey) or in suede leather (rust red, light grey, mouse grey) 

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designer: Linde Freya Tangelder
year: 2019

alpaca, mohair, wool, chipwood
(white, light grey, dark grey or brown grey )

suede leather
(rust red, light grey or mouse grey)

31 x 31 x 44cm (hxwxd)

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