Jan Theun van Rees

keldertrap met daglicht

Jan Theun van Rees:

When you walk the streets, there are fleeting moments when something in the corner of our eyes attracts your attention. You stop and turn around to have a closer look of what it was, yet nothing seems to be there. It has already disappeared, or maybe it was never there, just the play of the light creating a flickering reflection that caught your eyes. These moments challenge Jan Theun van Rees counter the fleeting moment with his full attention, until the beauty reveals itself in the photograph ... and sometimes it does. In this presentation a number photographs are brought together, taken on different locations all over the world. In a few cases, he has altered the space slightly, in order to emphasize a specific spatial quality.

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artist: Jan Theun van Rees
year: 2020
edition: 6

archival pigment ink on Canson Baryta Prestige, mounted on di-bond with wenge frame.

110 x 88cm (wxh)

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