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chubby | barstool

A barstool with the playful looks of the best selling Chubby Chair, and a comfortable footrest. The Chubby may look soft and squeezable, however they are as tough as oak wood. The chair looks as if it has been squeezed from a toothpaste tube, through its curved form and thick molten lines.

This product is suitable for outdoor use, however, extended exposure to sunlight may cause slight discolourations.

lead time: approx. 8-10 weeks if not in stock.

The Chubby barstool is also available as a counterstool with a lower seat hight for €968

Note: The Chubby, RvR, and Stopstool are extruded from recycled fridge interiors. Through covid, we have observed changes in the source material. The plastic can vary from bright white to light grey, dull to shiny, with desaturated to vibrant colour expression. Each chair or stool is a unique and one-off object which evidences the past life of its source material, and may not look exactly like the photo.

Please enquire directly for more information or color options.

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€ 900 for customers outside the EU

designer: Dirk Vander Kooij
year: 2016

96 - 100% reclaimed synthetics

barstool: 109 x 46 x 47cm (hxwxd) 
seat height: 75cm

counterstool: 92 x 46 x 47cm (hxwxd)
seat height: 60cm 

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