Dirk Vander Kooij

chubby barstool

A barstool with the playful looks of the best selling Chubby Chair, and a comfortable footrest. The Chubby may look soft and squeezable, however they are as tough as oak wood. The chair looks as if it has been squeezed from a toothpaste tube, through its curved form and thick molten lines. 

This product is suitable for outdoor use. Please note, however, that extendedexposure to sunlight may cause slight discolourations.

lead time: approx. 2-12 weeks

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€ 541 for customers outside the EU

designer: Dirk Vander Kooij
year: 2016

96 - 100% reclaimed synthetics

109 x 46 x 47cm (hxwxd)