A seat and its double: on one side it encloses and protects, on the other it opens up and welcomes. A clear ambivalence which elaborately separates form and content, image and concept, the name hood hints at this double function. The hood is both an ancient and contemporary urban symbol; it protects and frames the face but it can also hide it, signalling a refusal to communicate or interact.

The impact is intense, and everything is a game of contrast: the three dimensional seat seems to imply the two-dimensionality of a drawing, the overlapping colours don’t divide but complement, tension isn’t alleviated but stabilized.

Clarissa is a dynamic easy chair,ready for action but open to relaxation, the temporary suspension of activity.
A combination of competition and collaboration, provocation and aesthetics.

The mentioned price is the starting price for the wooden base model.

lead time: approx. 12 weeks

Please enquire directly for more information about the different colors and materials available.

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€ 4.535 for customers outside the EU

designer: Patricia Urquiola
year: 2014

Injected flame-retardant foam on steel frame.
Swivel base in varnished steel or with oak cover.
Clarissa cover is not removable; removable quilt is fixed with zipper.

96 x 103 x 103cm

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