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Beyond its function as a lamp, the Dipping Light seeks to excite. When it’s turned on, its different shades of paint sift the light, creating a magical ambient effect. When it’s off, its colored glass sphere is an object charged with beauty, and eye-catching design piece for a shelf, bedside, or table.

Jordi Canudas is an alchemist of light. He experiments with it, seeking always to be surprised and learn from it. He wants to capture the essence of light. With this goal in mind, the Dipping Light was created as yet another experiment – dipping a lit bulb into paint several times – with the end result of this table lamp. The various layers of paint draw concentric circles and capture the light, moderating its intensity. The paint becomes the shade, colouring and texturizing the light. A brass o graphite base is added for support. This artisanal process will make each lamp a unique and exclusive creation.

lead time: approx 5 weeks

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€ 1.098 for customers outside the EU

designer: Jordi Canudas
year: 2018
finish: amber | green | pink | blue | off white | black
light source: LED SMD 10,7W | 948 lumen | 2700 Kelvin | dimmable

cylindrical body in brushed brass | white blown glass globe with layered paint | electrical components


height: 54 cm
width Ø: 30 cm

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