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Faye Toogood’s “Interior With Table” is the first rug in a new upcoming collection of 6 designs called “Doodles” which will be presented in 2019. A collection which encapsulates Faye Toogood’s inimitable playfulness. Equally joyful in name and narrative, the designs are aptly named – Abstract - Composition – Interior With Table – Reclining Figure – Seated Nude –The Mantle - Piece – Winter Still Life. Their overarching aesthetic is painterly, abstract and free-thinking as they respond to Toogood’s preoccupation through her work to ‘tinker’ and intuitively explore new styles without boundaries.

The ‘Doodles’ collection draws on these tinkering techniques through the employment of off-cuts and appliquéd cords to create collage styled assemblages. As such, the pieces feature graphic stitching detail that form curious patterns connecting the playful cut-out shapes. Though the rugs are independently idiosyncratic – they connect through an overarching style of ready-made collage and handmade materiality. cc-tapis rugs are exclusively hand-knotted in Nepal with Himalayan wool by Tibetan artisans. The collection comprises 40 individually dyed colors to guarantee the soft and subtle shading achieved. A distinctive texture has also been produced through a unique combination of thick and fine yarn, while the pile of the rug is hand-cut, creating differing heights and textures, from smooth to a shaggy pile.

lead time: approx 16 weeks

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€ 6.269 for customers outside the EU

designer: Faye TooGood
​​​​​​​year: 2019
available in 6 designs


hand knotted and hand stitched
cotton weave, Himalayan wool pile and cotton stitching
125.000 knots per square meter

standard size 162 x 300cm
any other sizes available upon request

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