Fordite 2

Fordite is a byproduct of the car manufacturing industry: a multicolored stratum of enamel automotive paint that has built up over time within the factory, which is then baked and polished until it resembles a jewel.

Inspired by this material, Patricia Urquiola has integrated a similar approach to sustainability in the creation of these rugs. The Himalayan wool, pure silk and aloe used was sourced from the material excess left over from cc-tapis’s regular production process. The rugs maintain the same layered appearance as Fordite, recreated with recycled wool and accented with lurex threads. Every piece is unique in color and material.

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€ 8.940 for customers outside the EU

designer: Patricia Urquiola
year: 2019
available in 3 designs | color and material always unique


hand knotted 
cotton weave, Himalayan wool, pure silk and aloe
125.000 knots per square meter

size: 200 x 300cm
any other size available upon request

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