Dirk Vander Kooij

fresnel | large

In a playful reimagining of traditional lighting principals, Dirk has employed low-resolution 3D printing in the replication Augustin-Jean Fresnel’s eponymous, faceted lens. The newly dictated form sees layers of molten synthetic coils serve to refract and magnify light, to glittering effect.

Each fresnel unit houses hundreds of small LEDs. Their luminosity is exaggerated by the printed casing, emanating a diffuse yet sprawling spread of light. The synthetic sources which comprise the shell, such as rooftop windows, chocolate moulds and CDs, appear to crystallize in glasslike new consequence. Combined as a system, the Fresnel light celebrates function in the texture of low-resolution printing.

A central, rotating steel ball makes the lamp easy to guide whilst doubling as storage for unused cable. The Fresnel light is available in three sizes.

Dimmable with a remote (included) or a wall switch.

lead time: approx 6-8 weeks.

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€ 2.090 for customers outside the EU

designer: Dirk Vander Kooij
year: 2014

reclaimed synthetic shell
steel centre ball / canop

dia. 68cm

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