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British designer Faye Toogood has delved into her material library to create her collection of rugs, produced in collaboration with the Italian manufacturer CC-Tapis. The wide range of materials, patterns and haberdashery in the Toogood archives provided the initial inspiration behind these new designs, which translate postindustrial influences such as vulcanized rubber, distressed plaster and security mesh into raw yet gentle furnishings. The resultant rugs experiment with a variety of quilting, applique and stitching techniques: “Rope” and “Quilt” incorporate sinuous appliqued coils; “Thread” play with layering and fraying; and the diagonally bisected “Tack” features a graphic, abstracted stitching detail.

Produced entirely by hand in Nepal, using eco-friendly wools and silks, it is the first time that hand-knotting and hand-weaving have been combined in the same rugs. The designs are available in a restrained palette of cream, charcoal and raw, undyed tones - the Toogood aesthetic gives a fresh iteration for CC-Tapis.

lead time: approx 12 weeks

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€ 7.093 for customers outside the EU

designer: Faye Toogood
year: 2017
available in a restrained palette of cream, charcoal and raw, undyed tones


hand woven with cotton inserts
cotton weave and Himalayan wool 


standard size: 230 x 300cm
any other sizes available upon request

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