Bliss | Rug

The Bliss Collection is a characterized by a sculptural and three-dimensional effect which was initially inspired by a sample that Mae Engelgeer created where she was experimenting with rounded shapes and curves. This came after a period of using straight graphic lines and feeling captured by them, Mae felt the need to use bold shapes again. Keeping the playfulness of the Memphis movement in mind and mixing elements like pattern and form with different production techniques give life to the rugs. This collection (designed for CC-tapis) creates sophisticated textile landscapes with a variety of pile-heights created in Himalayan wool and pure silk, a design so dense you can, as the designer says, "get lost in the bliss."

lead time: approx 16 weeks

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€ 10.157 for customers outside the EU

designer: Mae Engelgeer
year: 2016-2018
any color available upon request


hand knotted 
cotton weave, Himalayan wool and silk pile
152.000 knots per square meter

size: 230 x 300cm
any other size available upon request

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