Piet Hein Eek


Since the Missy chair was intended for the Bakkerswinkel in the red light district of Amsterdam, Piet insisted on using a floral fabric. For the bearer of this frivolous fabric, he came up with a rigid chair with straight lines, the ultimate contrast between two worlds. At the time, floral patterns were anything but fashionable and they had a very difficult time finding the right fabric. They finally found what they were looking for in an old-fashioned shop in Ghent; it turned out that a famous French manufacturer had more than enough to choose from. Ever since, they have not only used the floral patterns on the missy chairs, but also on other furniture pieces, and the frumpy fabrics have become an integral part of the collection.

Upholstery Lelievre Lampas Albatros & Wells.

The first picture is with the Wells upholstery €4202
The other fabrics shown are from Lelievre Lampas Albatros €2621

custom-made 120-180 cm – price on request
custom-made 180-240 cm – price on request

lead time: approx. 14 weeks

Please enquire directly for more information.

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€ 3.473 for customers outside the EU

designer: Piet Hein Eek
year: 2001

oak | fabric upholstery Lelievre Lampas Albatros

standard 120 x 56 x 83cm 

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