Golran Studio

modern deco 300 x 250cm

Modern carpets break the mould and the ties to the past by appearing in a decidedly contemporary form. The vast traditional repertory and its designs are reworked with simplified lines and are freely composed in harmony with the colours and yarns used. They are characterised by graphic motifs and simple, abstract designs clearly influenced by contemporary art. These carpets are modern both in taste and image, and are conceived to satisfy the need to fit into contemporary settings. Rigorously hand knotted and adaptable to all settings, responding to interior decorating trends, they have become an essential feature of the universe of design.

lead time: available in 2 week

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€ 3.388 for customers outside the EU

designer: Golran Studio
each piece is one of a kind, contact us for other available pieces

hand knotted
pure natural wool and silk

size: 300 x 250cm

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