Golran Studio

paralleli series

The collection reflects Dimore Studio’s custom of bringing together different materials and eras while using the rug’s texture to express them in a new way. Baroque allusions of embroidery, edgings, frames and ornamental motifs and personalized revisitations of Persian and Indian patterns contrast with the simplicity of exquisite monochrome and contemporary-art inserts. Geometric shapes and lines reference minimalism and American postpictorial abstractionism. The weave features metallic inserts, like scoring; thick, visible seams to stitch these different worlds together. The collection, designed for Golran, is available in three versions according to colour scheme and finishing details. 

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€ 7.818 for customers outside the EU

designer: Dimore Studio
year: 2017
available in three designs

hand knotted  / wool, silk and metal

standard size: 300 x 250cm
custom size and / or shape on request

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