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Delfino by Erberto Carboni is a significant example of the so-called " organic “ furniture which developes in the fifties and which often draws its inspiration by the nature, avoiding any imitation. The product is considered as an unitary structure without discontinuance, a group of following shapes which give to the  body a continual support with their sinuous lines. 
The development of this concept gave a very decorative result and produced items, like Delfino, with a strong personality. With arm like fins and a harmonious, supple body like a dolphin,  this armchair , designed in 1954 by Erberto Carboni took it's name from the graceful sea-mammal. 

lead time: approx. 10 weeks

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designer: Erberto Carboni
year: 1954

shaped polyurethane, golden metal lacquered
available in various fabric

armchair - H: 89cm, W: 89cm, L: 71cm
pouf - H: 44cm, W: 64cm, L: 55cm