rug invaders series

Rug Invaders is an eclectic collection of hand-knotted rugs designed by CC-tapis Design-Lab. Taking inspiration from traditional rug motifs and icons, the Rug Invaders have broken-free from their historical past and are now out of- scale and from out-of-space. The 5 invaders: Tabriz Destroyer, Ushak Invader, Kazak Space Shifter, Palmette Lazer Cannon and The Mothership all have their own particular size and shape, conceived to be combined together in a single interior. The Invaders are a new generation of rugs set to conquer and redefine how rugs are used within a space. Invading an interior near you soon.

The mentioned price is for the Kazak Space Shifter (first photo) of which we have one in stock.

lead time: approx 15 weeks

Please enquire directly for more information about the different models and prices.

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€ 2.978 for customers outside the EU

designer: CC-tapis Design Studio
year: 2019
available in 5 designs
colors are completely customizable


hand knotted

Tabriz Destroyer: cotton weave, himalayan wool and pure (bamboo) silk
Ushak Invader: cotton weave, himalyan wool and pure (bamboo) silk 
Kazak Space Shifter: cotton weave and himalyan wool 
Palmette Lazer Cannon: cotton weave and himalayan wool 
The Mothership: cotton weave, himalayan wool and pure (bamboo) silk

152.000 knots per square meter

Tabriz Destroyer: 220 x 230cm
Ushak Invader: 145 x 145cm
Kazak Space Shifter: 155 x 145cm
Palmette Lazer Cannon: 135 x 115cm
The Mothership: 170 x 240cm

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