Dirk Vander kooij

satellite lamp

The lamp looks like solid glass but it's actually made of crystal clear synthetic material. The robot constructs a line structure layer by layer that refracts and scatters the light. The lamp works like a machine, accurately supplying the desired light. Four printed transparent units fuse together providing a space for the electronics without hiding them. There are three circular light sources that can be varied in warmth and intensity. There's a knob for cold and warm light, just like a mixing tap. Cold light for an active work environment, warm light for relaxing.

lead time: approx. 10-12 weeks.

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€ 4.600 for customers outside the EU

Designer: Dirk vander Kooij
year: 2012

T5 60W day light
T5 40W + 22W warm light
adjustable intensity / temperature

reclaimed synthetics


55 x 51 x 57cm

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