Paul Heijnen

technical construction table

Fully constructed from industrial "waste" The construction collection uses disgarded left over strips and reintegrates them into new pieces of furniture.
In the furniture industry plate material is standard size.
A lot of production companies that produce on an industrial scale have their material cut to size before delivery. These cut-offs are regarded as waste but can have substantial qualities for re-implementation in furniture upcycling them into things you dont throw away anymore.

Paul Heijnen graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2012. He very quickly proved to be a superb constructor. Paul’s preferred materials are wood and steel, but sometimes the flexibility of plywood comes in handy. It doesn’t affect the appearance of his work; his designs are always a pleasure to look at. Paul is a great designer for assignments.

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designer: Paul Heijnen
year: 2012

birch / oak

140 x 140 x 78cm

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