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Since in inception in 1931, Veronese has been building up a treasure trove of spare parts of glass hand blown. Thousands of pieces that had been stored haphazardly on dusty shelves : exquisitely crafted cups, drops, rings and flowers had been patiently waiting for a Prince Charming to bring them to light.

Fascinated by this discovery, Veronese ceaselessly searched for the wizard who would give these marvels a second life in the spirit of today. Piet Hein Eek, a Dutch designer with a mastery of upcycling was a perfect fit for the project. The designer dreamed up a Meccano like principle of 40cm clear glass tubes, equipped with LED lighting. The tubes can be assembled to create a longer chandelier. Each segment carries a metal disc into which the fantastically diverse jewel -like spare parts can be slotted – an eclectic feast of styles and colours.

The Murano Glass pieces are artefacts and are all different one from another. One can compose a lighting design with randomly chosen pieces or by choosing a dominant color.

The Past & Future is also available as a table lamp.

lead time: approx 8 weeks

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designer: Piet Hein Eek 
year: 2017
finish: Murano glass available in defferent colors
light source 1 section: 220V 2 LED x 5W / dimmable
light source 2 sections: 220V 3 LED x 5W / dimmable
light source 3 sections: 220V 5 LED x 5W / dimmable
light source 4 sections: 220V 7 LED x 5W / dimmable

Murano glass | brushed brass | electrical components

1 section: approx. 40 x 50 cm 
2 sections: approx 80 x 50 cm 
3 sections: approx. 120 x 50 cm 
4 sections: approx 160 x 50 cm 

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