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VVV lighting

Vantot studio works on their light fittings down to the last detail. They do not just draw. They also prototype and create, sharing a love for mechanics and movement. Their mathematical approach to design encourages them to avoid the obvious, to reinvent objects when they build.

You can create large space-separating light curtains with the modular LED light concept V-V-V. It's modular design uses bare, anodised aluminum elements suspended between stainless steel cables. Each element consists of 4 LEDs that have been sandblasted to soften the emitted light and clip directly on to the conductive wires.

Start with a base module and add as many rails, wires and elements as you like, positioning them in whatever pattern you prefer. Use a single base module with a few elements as an elegant solitary light column, or combine multiple rows to create a striking light curtain for partitioning your space.

lead time: approx 8 weeks

Please enquire directly for more information.

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designer: VANTOT
year: 2017
finish: gold or silver
light source: 8x LED 0,25W | 200 Lumen |  2700 Kelvin (one element)

anodized aluminum | steel | electrical components


For one module 
height: 35,5 cm
width: 24 cm
depth: 2 cm