xequer series

Multiple planes of brilliant chequerboards clash and crackle in Martino Gamper’s Xequer collection for CC-tapis. The bright, piercing colors intertwine and overlap in a psychedelic world born from Gamper’s imagination. Hand knotted with Himalayan wool, pure silk and linen, the materials interplay in the same way as the colour-blocked grids, resulting in a brilliant collision of textures and shades. Twisted lines, distorted perspectives and the graphics play typical of Gamper’s designs culminate in five spellbinding new rugs.

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lead time: approx 16 weeks

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designer: Martino Gamper
year: 2019
available in 5 designs



hand knotted 
cotton weave, Himalayan wool, bamboo silk and linen borders
125.000 knots per square meter

standard size: 230 x 300cm
any other sizes available upon request

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