YSA is the interplay of complimentary, yet diverse, Murano glass techniques, textures and colors. The designs simple shape masks its intricate game of contrasts and the endless details. YSA is a collection of three overlapping sheets of Murano glass, each of which has its own unique attribute. The top smaller layer is of streaked frosted crystal Murano glass. The second layer is smoked Murano glass with a stripe motif applied under heat. The third layer is a Murano glass with an application of mirror. Further adding to the details of each sheet is a soft crystal border outlining each one like a well-tailored hem.

lead time: approx 8 weeks

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€ 2.690 for customers outside the EU

designer: Tristan Auer
year: 2016
light source: 220 V | 2 LED x 5W | dimmable

Murano glass | aluminium | electrical components

Height : 52 cm
Width : 40 cm
Depth : 15 cm

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